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バージョン 2.107   2.106   2.105   2.104   2.103   2.102   2.101   2.100   2.99   2.98   2.97  
更新日 2018/02/15
追加日 2016/02/27
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Javaで作られたオープンソースの継続的インテグレーション支援ツール。






Jenkins 自体はJavaで作られているがテスト対象はJavaプロジェクトに限定されず、iOSアプリやRailsアプリなどさまざまなプロジェクトを対象として扱うことができる。




2018/02/15 ver 2.107

What's new in 2.107 (2018-02-14)
Important security fixes.
(security advisory)
Security hardening to prevent problems like SECURITY-624 in the future.
(2017-12-05 security advisory, Ant Plugin fix in 2018-01-22 security advisory)

2018/02/12 ver 2.106

What's new in 2.106 (2018-02-11)
Update Remoting library from 3.16 to 3.17 to improve diagnostic logging for channel read/write events and JEP-200 related class filtering.
(issue 27035, issue 49027, full changelog)
Integrate SSHD module 2.4 which updates Apache Mina SSHD Core from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0.
(pull 3278, SSHD module changelog)
Internal/API: Add DataBoundConstructor to LegacySecurityRealm to facilitate reflective instantiation in Jenkins-related tools and frameworks.
(pull 3279)
Whitelist additional safe Java platform types for use in XStream (XML serialization) and Remoting (agent communication).
Define a minimum required version of the Remoting library (agent communication) and print warnings when an older version is connecting.
Whitelist additional safe types for use in XStream (XML serialization) and Remoting (agent communication).
Developer: Slave.JnlpJar.getURL did not work in some modes when core had a snapshot dependency on the Remoting library.
Update Remoting library from 3.11 to 3.12 to fix regression in Jenkins 2.68 when using non-writable home directories.
Update Remoting from 3.10 to 3.11 to improve stability and diagnosability.
Enable Remoting work directories by default for newly created agents launched via JNLP (Java Web Start Launcher).
(work directory documentation, logging documentation, Remoting changelog, issue 39370)
Windows services: Enable auto-upgrade of Remoting on newly installed agents if they are connected by HTTPS.
Upgrade Remoting to version 3.5.
Remoting 3.5: Add option to specify the Remoting protocol to use on the client.

2018/02/05 ver 2.105

What's new in 2.105 (2018-02-04)
When Jenkins fails to load plugins, show failures that users need to take action on separate from those due to other plugins failing to load.
(pull 3256)
Upgrade Executable War from 1.36 to 1.37 to allow supplying jenkins.war command-line arguments via standard input using the --paramsFromStdIn parameter.
(pull 3223, documentation)
Jenkins now creates XML 1.1 files to be more accepting of unusual contents.
(issue 48463)
Form validation for number of executors now properly shows validation errors and user-friendly message on form submission.
(issue 47793)
Ensure that threads for background tasks cannot be created with a custom classloader to prevent possible Groovy memory leaks.
(issue 49206)
Upgrade Executable War from 1.36 to 1.37 to prevent multiple copies of winstone-*.jar in the temp folder from using up disk space needlessly.
(issue 22088)
Update to task reactor version 1.5 to prevent hanging of Jenkins on startup/reload when an initialization task throws an unhandled exception.
(issue 48725, full changelog)
Developer: Introduce ACL#lambda convenience method.
(pull 3260, Javadoc)

2018/01/29 ver 2.104

What's new in 2.104 (2018-01-28)
Whitelist additional safe Java platform types for use in XStream (XML serialization) and remoting (agent communication).
(pull 3251, pull 3252, pull 3253, issue 49070, issue 49071)
(pull 3258)
Define a minimum required version of the remoting library (agent communication) and print warnings when an older version is connecting.
(pull 3250)
Improve robustness in case of faulty SCM#guessBrowser implementations.
(pull 3267)
Improve error message when failing to read some files to actually mention the file name.
(issue 49060, issue 49112)
Restore Manage Jenkins submenu in the context menu accessible from the breadcrumb (regression in 2.103).
(issue 49129)
Fix MalformedInputException or UnmappableCharacterException when reading the log file after finishing a build (regression in 2.102).
(issue 49112)
Jenkins 2.102 and later could fail to start or run properly when loaded inside certain containers, including old versions of Tomcat.
(issue 49147)
Don't attempt to export information about arbitrary offline causes as part of the /computer/(name)/api output, which could result in errors.
(issue 24452)

2018/01/22 ver 2.103

What's new in 2.103 (2018-01-21)
Whitelist additional safe types for use in XStream (XML serialization) and remoting (agent communication).
(issue 48946, issue 49000, issue 49025)
Re-style the Manage Jenkins page, including administrative monitors.
(issue 43786, blog post)
Make Blue Ocean work on Wildfly by excluding its outdated Jackson implementation from the Jenkins class path.
(issue 48957)
Do not downgrade detached plugins when upgrading Jenkins while its previous version was not properly recorded.
(issue 48899)
Restore file permissions granted to group and other for file created by Jenkins (regression in 2.93).
(issue 48407)
Fix a race condition in Initializer implementations creating Items that resulted in their deletion.
(issue 47406)
A ClassCastException or NoSuchMethodException could under certain circumstances mask the actual error when loading erroneous data from an XML file.
(issue 49054)
Properly add apostrophes to several localized strings that were missing them before.
(pull 3203)
Developer: Improve detection of current plugin's or test's classes for exclusion from JEP-200 filtering.
(pull 3237)

2018/01/15 ver 2.102

What's new in 2.102 (2018-01-14)
Switch Remoting/XStream blacklist to a whitelist.
(issue 47736, upgrade guidelines for admins and plugin maintainers, list of affected plugins)
Update Jenkins Remoting from 3.15 to 3.16.
(full changelog, issue 47736, issue 48686)
Limit which section headers are added to the breadcrumb config outline.
(issue 48773)
Reduce memory consumption for concurrent jobs when retrieving cause of blockage.
(pull 3227)
Introduce new hudson.lifecycle.ExitLifecycle to exit instead of restart.
(issue 47043, Jenkins features controlled by system properties)
AtomicFileWriter was not fully atomic. Now it uses a FileChannel internally and forces a disk sync when committing.
(issue 34855)
Developer: Add a constructor to ToolDescriptor so that subclasses are not required to be an inner class of their Describable.
(pull 3220)

2018/01/08 ver 2.101

What's new in 2.101 (2018-01-07)
Log EOF exceptions on a FINE level instead of WARNING when the Jetty connection is closed by peer.
(pull 3214)
Fix HTTP 404 error when clicking on New View sidebar link from another view.
(issue 48447)
Improve Chinese and French localizations.
(pull 3209, pull 3204, pull 3216, pull 3179)

2018/01/04 ver 2.100

What's new in 2.100 (2018-01-03)
Restore binary compatibility with agents running Remoting versions older than 3.15 (regression in 2.98).
(issue 48761, issue 48754, Retrospective thread in the developer mailing list)
The release introduced a serious regression (JENKINS-48761). We recommend upgrading to 2.100 or updating Remoting on agents to 3.15.
The release introduced a serious regression (JENKINS-48761). We recommend upgrading to 2.100 or updating Remoting on agents to 3.15.

2018/01/02 ver 2.99

What's new in 2.99 (2017-12-31)
Updating Jenkins jobs and views by XML left fields at their old value if not defined in the new XML.
(issue 21017)

2017/12/26 ver 2.98

What's new in 2.98 (2017-12-24)
Update Remoting from 3.14 to 3.15 to fix several issues.
(full changelog, issue 37566, issue 37670, issue 38696, issue 46724, issue 47965, issue 48055, issue 48130, issue 48133, issue 48309)
Make the system property hudson.consoleTailKB actually work.
(issue 48593, Jenkins features controlled by system properties)
Developer: Jenkins#getInstance() is now deprecated as its semantics have been a source of confusion for some time. Use #get() in typical cases and Jenkins#getInstanceOrNull() in rare cases (see Javadoc).
(issue 48638)

2017/12/20 ver 2.97

What's new in 2.97 (2017-12-19)
Fix regression in 2.96 that caused a downgrade of Script Security when upgrading Jenkins.
(issue 48604)